Yoga / Massage Therapy / Reiki / Chiropractic / Healing

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Massage Therapy/Body Work

Encinitas Acupuncture & Mssg
(760) 942-1128
121 W E St
Encinitas, CA 92024

Natural Healing Institute

(760) 943-8485543 Encinitas Blvd # 105
Encinitas, CA 92024

Natural Graces Day Spa

“San Diego’s first naturopathic spa”
2204 El Camino Real, Ste.100A
Oceanside, CA. 92054
(760) 439 – HEAL (4325)

TUNE | Chiropractic, Health & Healing
(858) 481-2481
320 South Cedros Ave. Suite 300
Solana Beach, CA 92075

At Tune we treat the whole person harmonizing body, mind, and soul. We are dedicated to providing innovative, specialized services that balance and empower peoples’ lives. People come to Tune to feel better, create a more active life, and discover better overall health. Whether in pain, affected by disease, or simply wanting to improve your health, we welcome you. We serve people of all ages and walks of life to create optimal health through life expression.  Tune is focused on getting people feeling better and back to doing what they love, naturally, as fast as possible.

We offer: Chiropractic, Zone Healing, Webster prenatal care, Reiki, and Intuitive Wellness appointments.

Ohana Massage Therapy

Jennifer Anguiano, C.M.T, Reiki I, Energy Work
(760)420-8896 By Appointment
Encinitas, CA

Offering deep relaxation through Pohaku (Hot Stones) & Lomi Lomi massage for your mind, body, & spirit.

Yoga Centers

The Willows Yoga in Encinitas
Inspired by Anusara

Yoga, Teacher Training and Peaceful Holistic Services
937 S. Pacific Coast Hwy #C100
Encinitas, CA 92024
web site:

Bks Iyengar Yoga Ctr

(760) 632-0040
235 N El Camino Real
Encinitas, CA

Bikram’s Yoga College Of India

(760) 944-0146
1400 N Coast Highway 101 # A
Encinitas, CA 92024

Yoga Bound

(760) 720-9642
2697 State St.
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Network Spinal Analysis

Strategies for Living and Healing
Dr. Iwona Szpiech, D.C. practices NSA in Carlsbad, CA
7220 Avenida Encinas, Suite #100 at My Awakening Body.
Call us for the super special offer: 760-889-6096

NSA uses specific, but gentle touch to the spine, restoring the natural healing ability of your body … letting you be, who you truly are: A Self-Healing Human Being, Growing Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, and Socially.
Why NSA ?

  • Realize the cause of tension and pain
  • Experience rapid muscle relaxation
  • Reduce and release chronic pain
  • Release stored emotional trauma
  • Easily reduce stress
  • Connect with your body’s natural rhythms
  • Experience greater well-being
  • Develop healthier lifestyle

“Network Spinal Analysis inspires us to trust the healing power within.” Deepak Chopra, M.D., Author
“NSA and SRI… are amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen.” Tony Robbins, Self-empowerment advocate
The Super Special one time offer $20 for Consultation and One Session, so you can decide for yourself, if this is something worth investing your time and money.


Gary Chatham

Reiki master Gary Chathman provides private reiki energy healing sessions as well as training for reiki levels 1,2 and master. Reiki practitioner since 1992.
Also a metaphysical counselor, Gary has helped others for over 16 years giving them intuitive insight, spiritual guidance and strategies for change in relationships, business and career.

Reiki Healing Institute
(760) 436-1865

Serenity Reiki and Healing
Brittany Barger, M.A., Reiki Master, Certified Yoga Teacher

Reiki Master and Certified Yoga Teacher, Brittany Barger, M.A. provides Reiki Healing Sessions, Energy Balancing, Chakra Clearing, Aromatherapy, Reiki Trainings (all levels 1-Master), Spiritual Counseling, Yin Yoga with Reiki classes and private Yoga healing sessions. Brittany has been leading Reiki trainings, teaching yoga and supporting clients in their spiritual journeys since 2010. She teaches a weekly Yin Yoga with Reiki class at the Soul of Yoga in Encinitas on Tuesday Nights.

Heart & Sole Intuitive Healing
Valerie Carlson
Quantum Reiki Master
Intuitive Reflexologist
Spiritual Healer

Powerful physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Quantum reiki provides the most direct attunement to align you with your higher self, greatest good and to activate your body’s own innate healing ability.

Leea Pronovost: Shamanic Practitioner/Crystal Reiki Master/Energy Healer

Leea has been studying Shamanism for more than forty years. After a near death experience in 2006, she made the decision to make, helping others, her life’s purpose. Since that time, she has studied many different modalities of Reiki, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Herbal Medicine, Essential Oils, Essences, Tinctures, and Ayurvedic Practices. She is able to assist you to heal yourself in all aspects of the human condition, the Physical Body, the Mind, and the Spirit. She has learned to perceive and interpret a person’s Aura and Chakras, to assist her in the healing process. She is certified in, Ryoho Reiki, Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki, and Ascension Reiki as a master/teacher in all Reiki modalities. Certified in the Shamanic Practices, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection.

Leea does shamanic healing, shamanic Journeying, shamanic soul retrieval, Reiki, crystal Reiki, energy healing, herbal healing, essential oils/tinctures/essences, along with Ayurvedic practices. While offering these services to others she is an avid teacher of these practices. In addition to all the healing services that she performs, she teaches them, as well as the following practices, Lucid Dreaming, The Art of Dreaming (dreaming yourself awake), Creating the Other Self (through dreaming), Astral Projection (Out of Body Experiences), and perceiving energy the essence of all forms of life.

Serving Vista, Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos, Encinitas, Escondido and surrounding areas, as well as remote healings, when required. Classes may be done online and may also be presented in group settings, for special discounts.

Craniosacral Therapy

Kerry Tepedino, HHP, CCN, Craniosacral Therapist

Kerry has an extensive background in relating to a variety of people as both
a teacher and a healer.  Kerry is a world traveler and has studied
Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga, and Massage internationally and nationally.
Blending her unique experiences together, Kerry has learned to develop a
safe and nurturing environment for those suffering from a variety of
issues, including addictions, emotional trauma, anxiety, stress, fatigue,
depression, hormone imbalances, and acute and chronic pain.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist Health Consultant

Victoria Behrends – RCST®, HHP, M.A.
(760) 753-1493
Dolphin House in Leucadia
North Shore Acupuncture Clinic

A deep relaxation, an easing of trauma, including physical and emotional stress, a soothing of the system can be facilitated with Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. This work is not a form of massage, but is a balancing and awareness of respiration, tides, compensations, the nervous system, and cerebral spinal fluid in the body, as a gentle way to resource the client after difficult experiences. Victoria’s own approach is to empower the client, teaching self-soothing, awareness of the body, stress management, energy and relaxation techniques to further the work accomplished in a session.


R. Christian Minson of Breathflow Wellness
Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator/Private Yoga Instructor/Energy Work/Spiritual Coaching
Phone: (760) 445-4264
(Please check out website link for free downloads and more detailed information on group events and private sessions.)

Profound emotional release and balance
Freedom from physical pain and chronic conditions
Improvement in relationships with self and others
Loss of excess weight
Deeper connection with Higher Self

R. Christian Minson served for 10 years as a monastic dedicated to the study and practice of meditation techniques that focused the expansion of human consciousness into Divine potential. Distilling the essence of his experience, he was led into breath, yoga, and energy work.

Christian is a Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator (CTBF) and Senior Trainer for the Transformational Breath Foundation, studying over 500 hours directly under Dr. Judith Kravitz, creator of the Transformational Breathing technique and founder of the Transformational Breath Foundation. His training focused on the vast applications of breathing techniques to work through emotional and physical difficulties.

He is also a Certified Yoga Instructor (200 hours) and a Level 2 Reiki Master.

His mission, through his company Breathflow Wellness, is to encourage others to live more prosperous lives by guiding the expression of their untapped potential primarily through powerful breathing techniques, yoga movement, energy release, and/or coaching sessions.
Free 30 minute initial consultation. Mention Soulscape and receive a discounted price for the first session.

Intuitive Energy Healer

Amanda Meisner Masters
Phone: 760.473.9319

Amanda Meisner is an Intuitive Energy Healer that works with White Light Energy, Angels, Spirit Guides, and your Higher Self to support healing and transformation. Shed what no longer serves you, Find Your Highest Purpose, Transform into what you Truly are, lift your vibrational Energy and the Energy of the Planet.
Amanda provides several services to include: 1 on 1: Intuitive Guidance Session: Chakra Cleansing / Alignment / DNA Reactivation/Channeled Guidance, Channeled Meditation for Groups, In Time of Need Intuitive Guidance.
Check out the Website for the latest deals and session information!

Sound Healer, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist

Terryellen O’Neil
Phone: 619-861-3951

Everyone has the innate ability to allow and receive healing energy in many different forms. Unfortunately, most of us have become so immersed in the barrage of stressors around us, and often within us, that we disconnect from this healing energy by neglecting our own needs. We feel overwhelmed and depleted, often causing emotional and/or physical pain.

At Essential Balance & Healing, the most peaceful, nurturing and sacred space is provided for clients, allowing them to reach a deep, meditative level of relaxation. Each session is a unique and personal experience. Terryellen utilizes a unique blend of various healing tools, allowing a pure and powerful energy to flow. When a person allows the flow of this pure, loving energy, a natural connection to the ‘true self’ is rediscovered. This state of peace is where new levels of well-being and balance are discovered that many did not think possible. It would be an honor to be your guide as we co-create this powerful healing experience.

Common healing tools (other styles may be intuitively added):

  • Vibrational sound – Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes, rattles, etc.
  • Massage therapy – Swedish, Deep Tissue
  • Energy healing – Reiki, Chakra Balancing, pendulum, crystals
  • Aromatherapy – Emotional blends used during massage and energy work

Please call, text or visit to book a healing session.