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Answers by Tonya Somers – Clairvoyant Psychic
phone: 971-864-6991

“The Clairvoyant Psychic Healer” are words most often used to describe the clairvoyant psychic, Tonya Somers. She naturally sees, hears and feels all that is being told to her as a psychic from the other side of the physical realm. Tonya Somers hears the psychic messages, and is able to relay them to you from your loved ones who have passed on to the next plane. This woman is a 24 hour a day, genuine psychic, she often does her healings in her sleep.

Tonya Somers is a third generation psychic with over 30 years experience at giving psychic readings. She used to run many of the large psychic fairs in the Seattle/Reno and Portland area. Tonya had her own radio show in Portland Oregon for 3 years and has been a guest on many live radio shows over the last 30 years. Tonya Somers is also a certified clinical hypno-therapist and a life coach

Kathy Berg: Astrology, Numerology & Tarot Readings

Astrological consultations (for self, partnerships, and family and business relationships) blending Astrology, Tarot, and Numerology.
Charts available: Natal, Progressions, Transits, Solar Returns, Comparisons, Composites.
Numerology consultations :  A numerological study of your name and birthdate related to Tarot.
Cycles : Life and health cycles for you and / or your business.
Available for classes (individual or group), lectures, and phone consultations.

Terry Lamb: Astrology Readings

I am an astrologer and healer who uses a wide variety of approaches based on my background in linguistics (M.A., University of California San Diego), healing and natural health, psychology and spiritual studies. My writings are found in various magazines and journals, including The Mountain Astrologer, Llewellyn’s annual Sun Sign Book and NCGR’s Geocosmic Journal. Experience: Founder and Director of the Astro-Energetic Healing Program, 2005-present.
Instructor, writer, speaker and consultant in astrology, Tarot, spiritual studies, holistic health and I Ching, 1974-present.
Astrological counselor in private practice, 1982-present. Founder & Dean of Astrological Certification Program, 1994-present.
Energetic healer, 1996-present.Areas of specialization: Topics include the integration of astrology with psychology, subtle-body healing and health, spirituality, and I Ching philosophy; planetary cycles and human development; and classical astrological techniques for modern times. Please see Lecture and Workshop Topics for a list of my latest offerings. Contact me for a complete list.

Michele Meiché, Ph.D.: Intuitive readings

Michele considers herself a Transformation Coach. She is an NBHA Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of the Transpersonal Psychologist Association & Spiritualist Assoc. of England. She works in the capacity of a transpersonal therapist, transcendental healer and psychic medium. Michele integrates Holistic Health Counseling, Transional Counseling, Hypnotherapy & Spiritual Integration for life enhancment and fulfillment.  Her focus is Guidance for Self- Empowerment. Learn to tap into your body wisdom and connect with your inner healer.  She is shamanicly & metaphysically trained. She does integrate soul alignment, emotional clearing, energetic matrix repatterning and soul matrix work. Michele gives assistance through transition and change.  You can live with certainty that you are on the right path and in the right career. Stress Reduction. Discover your life’s purpose. Develop your intuition for personal and business. You can learn to balance your chakras and manage your energy to live in the power zone and be in the flow of your destiny.

Gary Chatham: Intuitive Readings

As an intuitive counselor, Gary has helped others for over 16 years giving them intuitive insight, spiritual guidance and strategies for change in relationships, business and career. Also, a Reiki Master, he combines intuitive insight with emotional and energetic healing.

Hecktor: Intuitive Readings
858-243-0069 &

Hecktor is an international psychic healer whose clientel comes from Mexico, United States and Europe. Hecktor is able to assist people in all areas of their life, be it mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, relationships, career, financial, health or any other area of their life. He psychically assists you in your healing. Hecktor has been a psychic healer for the past twenty-one years. His healings can take place in person or over the phone.

Cathy McLoughlin M.A.: Tarot Readings
Masters in Counseling Psychology
(760) 458-3288

Cathy works with individuals and groups to offer each client an effective and personalized program for personal success and self-actualization that recognizes the unique talents and character of the individual. In her work she seeks to facilitate empowerment and transformation through the conscious development and integration of body, mind & spirit. Cathy holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica graduate Institute in Carpinteria, California. At Pacifica she conducted extensive research into holistic approaches to healing that resulted in the completion of her master’s thesis: Listen to Your Body: It’s Trying to Tell You Something on Your Soul’s Behalf.

  • Tarot Readings – Seek deeper clarity and insight into relationships, career, life purpose, and where we might be blocked or stuck from reaching our highest potential and using our gifts. (Also available for special events).
  • Physical & Emotional Cellular Healing/Clearing Processes – Holistic healing sessions based on the work of Brandon Bays and The Journey
  • Intuitive Spiritual & Holistic Life Coaching – Cathy draws upon many healing traditions and modalities including psychology, athletic training, astrology, the Tarot, and the arts in offering her clients an integrated program for transformation and success.

San Diego Astrology Society
Membership to the society and upcoming events.
P.O. Box 16430 . San Diego , CA92116

Alex & Rebecca Rogan
Intuit Psychics, Shamanic Practitioners; Channeling, Tarot, Numerology, Angel Therapy Practitioner and Hypnotherapy for any issues, wants, dreams or desires.
Toll Free: (877)421-9973

Phone sessions are available from 2 psychics (for the price of one). Consultations are free. In our tandem sessions, we will channel answers from the spirit realm, including contacting loved ones who have crossed (pets too). We also use Shamanic practices to call forth power animals and your soul animal to assist you in your life’s journey.

“There are many people that do what we do in one form or another. What makes us unique is that we do our work together, twin flames in tandem. The powerful experiences that brought us together, more so than soulmates, will definitely be in our book. I was born and raised in Hawaii, Rebecca grew up in Sedona and we met in Encinitas. Interestingly, there have been many articles written about the energy connection between Sedona and Hawaii. In fact, a Sedona vortex played a part in our reunion in this lifetime.”

Lynn Kay: Medium Clairvoyant & Spiritual Messenger

As a Medium Clairvoyant / Clairsentient / Spiritual Messenger, Lynn has been given the gift of being able to see, feel, and hear messages from the spirit world and those who have crossed over. By sharing these messages, Lynn has helped many people find answers and gain clarity and comfort.
Lynn truly believes that she is here to serve as a messenger and be the voice for those who so anxiously want to contact their loved ones and friends. Love is the greatest gift and whenever she reads for someone, it’s all about Love.
Lynn would like to share her gifts with you – via telephone, in-person, or by E-mail.
Gift certificates are available.

Lily Bhattacharya PsyD PSY16580
334 Via Vera Cruz Suite 253
San Marcos, CA 92078

Please see and for information on Dr. Lily’s training, rates, testimonials and upcoming lectures. Dr. Bhattacharya has 13 years experience as a licensed psychologist treating relationship issues, death, divorce, mood disorders, and adjustment disorders.

Dr. Bhattacharya is a level 2 EMDR trained clinician. EMDR is the treatment of choice for trauma such as child abuse, car accidents, war issues or rape. She is on staff at Scripps Encinitas and treats children, adolescents, adults. Individual and families sessions available. She incorporates a clients spiritual perspective into treatment, tailoring each session and treatment goal.
For intuitive readings and energy healing, please see the site.

TUNE Chiropractic | Health & Healing
Jenna Bleth | Reiki & Intuitive Wellness
(858) 481-2481
320 South Cedros Ave. Suite 300
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Miho Gary
Angel medium, oracle card reader, and spiritual teacher.
Email: gary.miho1@nullyahoo.ccom
Phone: 760-975-3868
Miho Gary is a kind and caring individual who connects to the angel realm as well as the Divine through psychic channeling.
Miho has studied spiritual developement with Sara Wiseman, Doreen Virtue and John Holland.Her passion is teaching others.
Besides private and group readings, she offers classes in psychic development for beginners, oracle card readings and other spiritual subjects.
Please contact Miho by email or phone for further classes and readings.

Eileen Silon – Spiritual Healer, Intuitive Reader, Channel
Oceanside, CA

A very down to earth spiritual healer, Eileen Silon connects with your higher self and your spirit guides and, working multidimensionally, helps you release trauma, emotional/energy blocks, and limiting beliefs; heal metaphysical sources of physical illness; discover and heal past life issues; release old energy thought consciousness; and change your Akashic records. She can assist you in connecting with your own inner power to create a joy-filled purposeful life. Eileen also provides accurate and fast intuitive readings.

Walking this path laughingly one step at a time,

I AM Eileen Silon
The Down to Earth Spiritual Healer, Intuitive and Teacher