Feng Shui Consultants

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Wenndi Freer
217 Sierra Ridge Drive
Encinitas, CA. 92024
email: wenndi@nullwenndifreer.com
website: www.wenndifreer.com

Wenndi is a  Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing practitioner.  She is based in Encinitas, CA and travels regularly to Northern California and the East Coast to do consultations in both homes and businesses. She trained extensively with Karen Kingston, who is recognized as the world’s leading expert in the Feng Shui art of Space Clearing.

Wenndi also runs a successful IST practice, working with clients privately to help them move beyond limiting belief systems and into a full and productive life. She has been trained through the Clairvision School of Meditation in the techniques of ISIS and Entity Clearing.

Wenndi teaches workshops in the San Diego area regularly and is available to speak with groups on the topics of Feng Shui, Space Clearing, Clutter Clearing and Meditation.

Jen Leong, MA HHP NC
Feng Shui & Holistic Health Consultant, Speaker and Author
San Diego, CA
email: info@nullJenLeong.com
web site: www.JenLeong.com

JEN LEONG, MA, HHP, NC, Author, Feng Shui & Holistic Health Consultant, Speaker, and proprietor of Wellness by Design, brings more than 18 years of combined experience, training and expertise to her Feng Shui and Wellness practice. She has a unique ability to integrate Holistic Health and Feng Shui, allowing her to empower clients with the techniques and tools necessary to create health and harmony to enhance your life and well-being. She has training in Classical, Compass and Form School and is a Red Ribbon Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild.

Jen is also the author of Make it Happen with Feng Shui: Attract What YOU Want! and Feng Shui for the Health of It. Jen has uniquely integrated the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui, aromatherapy, crystals and emotional clearing in this all-in-one, easy-to-use reference guide to enhance your well-being, life and attract what YOU want! It includes over 30 exclusive charts, graphics and worksheets.

As a companion to this book, Jen Leong developed Jewel Essence®, a unique line of Feng Shui Aromatherapy, specially formulated with 100% pure essential oils that have been infused with the appropriate crystals and healing chakra sounds to enhance each of the nine areas in your life according to the Feng Shui Bagua Map, including Success, Prosperity, Romance, and more. Each bottle contains unique gemstones to enhance your results


  • Residential & Business Consultations to enhance your life.
  • Fashion Feng Shui: Transform your wardrobe, transform your life! Jen will personally work with you to help you express your True Essence and attract what you want in life through your wardrobe.
  • Parties & Workshops you can host for family and friend

To purchase or find out more about Jen’s books, Make it Happen with Feng Shui: Attract What YOU Want!, Feng Shui for the Health of It, and her Feng Shui Aromatherapy, visit www.JenLeong.com.
Call today to schedule your personal consultation or to host a presentation, party or workshop.
Gift certificates are also available.

Shivam Kohls
email: fengshui4u@nullsbcglobal.net
P.O. Box 1214 Solana Beach
CA 92075 Category: Feng Shui

Shivam is a Feng Shui consultant, speaker and seminar facilitator who graduated from the Western School of Feng Shui. Her diverse background and skills in the personal growth field creates the climate for her clients to experience powerful changes in their lives. Shivam is also a meditation teacher, NLP practitioner, certified hypnotherapist and dance movement facilitator. Shivam’s mission is to bring out the magnificence in people and their environments.

Jen Casey, Feng Shui Consultant
phone: 858-602-8175
website: www.jencaseyfengshui.com
email: jencaseyfengshui@nullyahoo.com

Jen’s mission is to work with you to create environments that nurture, balance and support you in your sacred living and working spaces. She can help you live with a more holistic view of your environment which will care for our planet and result in your positive physical and mental health. Jen is a certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Consultant through the Feng Shui Training Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

She is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild and continues her education through related subjects, which continues to enhance her consulting practice. Jen has an intuitive nature and believes we all need to live more consciously, and we can gain this clarity through Feng Shui.

Lynn Kay: Feng Shui Practioner / Interior Re-design / Staging to Sell

Poway, CA
email: ls56@nullcox.net
website: www.thespiritsconnect.com

Lynn is a certified Feng Shui Practioner and has a background in Interior Design and Staging.
How to tell if the energy around you is out of balance? Are you experiencing poor health, loss of money, relationship issues, career dissatisfaction, etc.? By using the art of Feng Shui adjustments are made in your home or office to realign the energy and bring the space back into balance. These adjustments are tailored to meet your individual needs and are often simple, fun, and inexpensive.
A Feng Shui consultation consists of a visit to your home or office, a complete evaluation of the space, suggestions and recommendations, and a written report, including a floor plan / bagua of the area.

Lynn is able to utilize all of her creative talents and abilities to help assist people as they make their journey through life, by creating more harmonious living and working environments in which they live and
Lynn has taught Feng Shui basics to realtors and is available for speaking before groups or you can host a Feng Shui party!
Gift certificates are available.