Animal Communications

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Sound Healing

Kristin McIntyre
Sound Healer / Animal Healer / Yin Yoga Teacher


“For 15 years Kristin has been learning and teaching Sound Healing. When I first saw her I was a bit taken aback by how smart she is and how many types of healing she can do but what she did worked. I initally went to her for my back and I am now 100% pain free so I sent my father in law and she saved my cat’s life. I would pay anything to have her as a constant in my life.”
– testimonial by Dominique Smith

Kristin also has a number of services please visit

Animal Communications

Gina Palmer Paws and Claws Consulting
PO Box 2525
Vista CA. 92084
email: gina

Private Animal Communication consultations, both on-site, and by telephone.

  • Find out what your animal feels, thinks, needs and enjoys. All animal / person issues addressed including: missing animals, senior animals, animals relocating or traveling, health and euthanasia concerns, inappropriate behaviors etc.
  • On-going classes and workshops in developing your basic & advanced skills in listening to, and understanding your animal friend’s needs.

Brigitte Noel M.Ms
All-Ears Animal Communication
P.O. Box 33857
San Diego, CA 92163

Brigitte Noel, M.Ms., All-Ears Animal Communication, in San Diego, CA. since 1995. Brigitte works with each animal to seek out and identify individual needs in any situation or environment. Specific behaviors, family dynamics, illness, transition etc… lovingly addressed in a co-creative approach. Consults in person and by telephone nationwide and Europe. Brigitte’s telepathic work and practical, compassionate solutions to a variety of situations is well documented in thousands of case-studies. Brigitte is author of  LoveLink, Heart to Heart Communication with Animals. (To order call or fax form off web site.) Brigitte prepares Elemental Wisdom� custom blend Flower essences, and distributes of Flint River Ranch freshly baked dog and cat food. Workshop series offered yearly. Gift certificates. See website for testimonials and  more information on Brigitte and her work. phone: (619) 295-5504.
A session with Brigitte helps facilitate:

  • Adoption from shelter
  • Past history and trauma issues€Introducing new animal to the family
  • Group or family dynamics
  • Arrival of a new baby
  • Travel or vacation separation
  • Divorce or temp. separation€Death of an owner
  • Ethanasia counseling
  • Connecting with a beloved animal who has crossed over
  • Holistic nutrition and health support and more…”Just because”…sessions make great birthday presents to yourself and your animal companions.